You encounter a lot of villains when you manufacture nutraceuticals:

  • The changing consumer marketplace
  • FDA regulations
  • Optimizing ingredient delivery systems
  • Testing and quality control
  • and on and on . . .

You need a marketing sidekick or two.

  • Someone whose words SNAP . . .
    . . . and who understands B2B direct-response copywriting in the natural products marketplace.
  • Someone whose designs POP . . .
    . . . and who knows how to create graphics that get a response AND convey your manufacturing difference.
  • Someone who can take your marketing from ordinary . . .
    . . . to HEROIC.

Someone like us.

Hi. We’re Julie and Jennifer. We provide direct response copywriting and response-driven design for nutritional supplement manufacturers.

Heroic B2B Health Content

Great content is words that are interesting and relevant.
Great content is eyeball-stopping graphics.
Great content is, well . . . great.

Heroic content is greater than great.

Heroic content combines great writing and great graphics with persuasion.
Heroic content showcases how you’re different.
Heroic content engages buyers.

Attract more customers to your natural health company with our heroic content.

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