Julie Gubler direct-response copywriter for health supplement manufacturers

Julie gets pumped every time she writes

And it’s not because she’s just come from the gym – it’s because she gets to be a copywriter for health supplement manufacturers.

Using health supplements improved Julie’s health.  And as a copywriter, she wants to share her clients’ stories with the world. So others can have better health as well.

Julie’s also curious. She likes to understand how things work – which is why she relishes writing about manufacturing health supplements.

Julie understands manufacturing marketing because she:

  • Worked for companies such as Medical Instruments Technologies, Valtek, and Tet Energy, Inc.
  • Understands the strict Quality Assurance compliance issues manufacturers face.
  • Started and then sold a Virtual Assistance Business specializing in bookkeeping.
  • Maintained a Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor Certificate for 3 years.
  • Stays current with best marketing practices as a member of AWAI’s Professional Writer’s Alliance.

Julie understands the unique needs of nutraceutical manufacturers. This helps her build case studies, articles, and other lead-generating content that highlights how you solve problems.

She does this through storytelling, and weaving proof (such as facts, statistics, and testimonials) into those stories. Skills she learned while being a reporter for a local newspaper. Fact-based stories make marketing bewitching. And a bewitched customer loves to buy.

Bewitching content also uses copywriting

Copywriting is short for direct-response copywriting. It’s persuasive sales writing to get your buyer to take a specific action. It’s used when creating sales pages, cold-calling scripts, ads, etc. It can be confusing because so many companies talk about content marketing and copywriting as the same thing. They’re not.

Content is information produced for an audience. You see content all over the web – blogs, articles, infographics, memes, podcasts, etc.

Content Marketing uses genuinely helpful information and adds persuasion to get a response. (It basically combines copywriting and content.) It’s content that asks a reader to click here, sign up for our updates, etc. Those “actions” eventually put leads into your sales funnel.

Creating content, however, takes time. Time to think about the best way to present information. Time to plan how a piece of content fits into your marketing campaign. Time to write, edit, and polish that writing. Time you sometimes don’t have.

Julie takes content creation off your to do list and puts it on hers.

A bit more about Julie:

Julie’s worked in the HR departments of three manufacturing companies, as well as a real estate office and a law firm. She’s also been the editor of a regional magazine. Julie lives in Southern Utah with 800 cows, 7 kids, 6 horses, 5 computers, 4 trucks, 3 ATV’s, 2 dogs, and 1 husband (who is a rancher).

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