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b2b natural health content is better with professional copywriting and design
Heroic content uses response-driven copywriting and design to solve problems and make your customers smile.

We know you do good work. You synthesize nutritional supplements. A quality product that should stand on it’s own. Unfortunately that’s not how business works. You’ve got to get out there and market yourself.

That can be hard. Especially when your time needs to be spent elsewhere.

That’s what we’re here for. We enjoy creating marketing materials for health supplement manufacturers. We like to make you the hero of your story. We do that with response-driven copywriting and design. Response-driven copywriting and design are different from plain writing and design. They are driven by responses. We want to make sure your marketing is Heroic – and brings in more business.

Below are some projects in our heroic marketing toolbelt:

If you need something not listed, contact us today. (If we don’t create it, we probably know someone who does.)

Strategic Marketing Plan
Having a documented content marketing strategy makes creating on-the-fly messages faster, easier, and gives them more punch. Did you know: 44% of manufacturing companies that have a written strategic plan feel their marketing is effective?1  If you don’t have a written plan, you’re only 18% likely to feel your marketing is producing great results. If your sales and marketing teams want to create more cohesive messages, a  Strategic Marketing Plan is the place to start.

Case Studies and White Papers to Attract Nutraceutical Leads
A case study (aka customer success story) is a compelling before/after snapshot of a happy customer.  It shows how you’re a hero in your industry – and it  provides the social proof your buyers need to justify their purchase.

A white paper illustrates your difference.  It’s a persuasive essay that uses facts and logic to promote your product.

Natural Health Emails Targeted to Your Buyers
Email has one of the highest click and conversation rates of any marketing medium. Over 90% of B2B companies use email marketing. Autoresponders, newsletters, and sales messages create loyalty among current customers. educate prospects, and turn window-shoppers into buyers.

Slidedecks coordinate with other marketing channels
Slidedecks are used so many places: customizing presentations for sales reps; showcasing a case study on Slideshare; stopping traffic at a trade show. Slidedecks are a fun and underused marketing channel. We can create one from scratch –  or convert your existing marketing materials into a visual delight.

Direct Mail Creation and Printing
Whether you need postcards, brochures, or letters, we write, design, and print direct-mail items. Our services include attention-getting headlines, eyeball-stopping graphics, and calls to action. We also print other items such as business cards, rack cards, and data sheets.

Other Design Services include:
Business cards

Other Copywriting Services include:
Website Content
Landing Pages
Ghost-Written Articles

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