Case Studies & White Papers Blast Off your Marketing.

case studies and white papers for nutraceutical manufacturers.
Case Studies and White Papers resonate with buyers for powerful marketing 

The buying cycle is out of YOUR control. . .

. . . and in the hands of your buyers. They get online and read all sorts of stuff before you even know they exist. If you don’t answers to their questions, they’ll leave your site as fast as the FDA changes guidelines.

Does your content:

  • Grab attention?
  • Answer your prospects’ questions?
  • Spark understanding of your solution?
  • Showcase what makes you different?
  • Provide helpful solutions to your buyers’problems?
  • Brim with facts and data?
  • Include observations from satisfied customers?
Most of  all – is your content relevant to where your prospect is in his or her particular buying cycle? In other words, do your marketing materials resonant with your buyers?

White papers and case studies meet your buyers whereever they are in the process.

We know this isn’t news to you. You know case studies and white papers are an essential part of any B2B marketing strategy. Especially for the nutritional supplement manufacturing industry. You also know how much time – and hassle – they are to create.

That’s why white papers and case studies often get left until the last minute. We get that. We’ve been there. We’ve had ever-changing marketing priorities. We understand the scramble to get something – anything – on the table for your sales team. We know that often there isn’t time to organize, write, edit, design, and print a case study or white paper – and get everything else done you’re supposed to do.

That’s why we’ve got a process!

We’ve developed a process that takes case study and white paper creation from start to finish – including writing, designing, and printing (if needed).

Let us take this tedious task off your to do list and complete it for you. We can even give you other formats so your marketing dollar goes farther. Some of our formats include:

  • Traditional pdf (also mobile responsive)
  • Interactive pdf – has embedded links to product pages, short videos, and other clickable features
  • Glossy magazine-style printed handout
  • Infographic – for the web or as a printed poster
  • Powerpoint and/or slideshare
  • Prezi
  • Video (We develop the script and outsource the videography)

Be sure and have your next case study or white paper ready before you need it:

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