Your customers want a happy ending.


Your customers want to sell nutraceuticals – to improve their customers’ health and make money at the same time.


They want their products delivered on time, to specification.

b2b natural health copywriting and content
Marketing can help your customers find their ‘happily ever after’

Do your marketing materials show them how to get this happy ending?

 Our writing powers up your marketing so you’re:

  • demonstrating thought leadership in the natural health manufacturing space
  • generating and nurturing leads
  • converting leads to sales
  • retaining customers

We’re full of ideas to help you achieve your marketing goals. Whether you need a sales page, or information to educate your customers, we can help. We can also guide you through the ever-changing marketing landscape called content marketing. Because you need both content and copy. What’s the difference? Glad you asked. (It’s a question we often get.)

Content is material that informs. When your buyer has a problem to solve, he searches for solutions. This information satisfies his curiosity and leaves him “content.” (A play on the dual meaning of the word content.) Content is blogs, podcasts, infographics, etc.

Copywriting is short for direct-response copywriting. As the term implies, it is writing to get a response. In other words, copywriting prompts the reader to take a specific action. It’s a persuasive sales technique. Copywriting is sales pages, cold-calling scripts, ads, etc.

Content Marketing combines the two. It’s content that contains a call to action (click here, sign up for our updates, etc.). Those “actions” eventually end up on a sales page, or by giving a telephone number/email so your sales team can make a sale.

whether you need content, copywriting, or content marketing, we can help. Some of the items we write include:

Customer Success Stories (aka case studies)
Info Papers – White Papers, Special Reports, & e-books
Website Content & Blog Posts
Emails – autoresponders and sales messages
Landing Pages
Ghost-Written Articles

Besides using current and relevant research from the natural products industry, we strive to understand your company, your difference, and what motivates your customers to buy.

We create headlines that get your customers’ attention.
We use stories, analogies, and examples so your message is remembered.
We offer up facts and other information to justify purchasing.
And most of all, we touch emotional hot buttons so your prospects turn into customers.

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