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. . . with a Strategic Marketing Plan.

strategic marketing plan for B2B content
A Strategic Marketing Plan helps your sales and marketing teams build customized messages.

The average person is inundated with over 5,000 advertising messages a day.

People have to block out ads because so many zip by.

Many companies combat this by trying all sorts of messages. This just confuses their audience.  For example, think about the two insurance giants Geico and Progressive. Geico has the lizard, caveman, and other miscellaneous messages. Progressive has Flo and a talking box. When you see Flo (or the talking box) you immediately know what the commercial is about. Geico, on the other hand, has so many messages you never know what the commercial is for. (Granted some of their commercials are entertaining, but the point of commercials is name-brand recognition. Do you remember that these witty ads are from Geico?)

A Strategic Marketing Plan overcomes this message dilution. It’s a content cornerstone your sales and marketing teams use to easily and quickly build messages for Twitter, Linkedin, slide decks, and  other related needs. It keeps your message cohesive across all channels. It gives them a blueprint to use and customize depending on their needs.

 A Strategic Marketing Plan  is a 10-12 page document that includes:

  • Distilled information about your company and  products.
  • Why people really buy from you. (Persuasive Audience Attraction Statements)
  • What your audience finds fascinating about your company or products. (Your Company Story)
  • What has worked well in the past. (Finding and Developing Unifying Themes in Your Messaging)
  • What your customers have said about you. (A selection of testimonials – for social proof – in one place for easy reference)
  • What industry experts have said about your products. (Quotes to show proof behind your marketing statements)
  • What objections your sales force often faces. (Easy to use explanations to overcome common doubts)
  • Sample headlines and statements to use in your marketing.
  • A file of colors, fonts, logos, and other graphical elements.

If needed, a Strategic Marketing Plan can include other items such as a basic slide deck format and interchangeable slides so your sales team can easily and quickly customize presentations for potential buyers. In other words, this is a tool your marketing team can use for lead-generation content AND a tool your sales team can call upon to turn a prospect into a customer.

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